The key to success…😕what really is it? Lately I’ve been in a vacuum, and we both know nothing goes down in there. Walking on the sidewalks as everything passes me by as I constantly ask myself is this all 2017 has for me? Silence is my new best friend because all everyone seems to be … More #SUCCESS


I yearn for darkness, for the angels of the night, For they are my safe haven, my perfect heaven, Every moment of my life, I long.. To unsee the seen, the scene! The horror he created, the trauma; I’m tormented, The daily struggle to forget his haunting actions, The nest, the cocoon he invested to … More …Underneath


The bridge between family and friends is thin. Most of the time we tend to choose our friends over family. Why?  Friends are easy to manipulate. You can make them function to your favor! Family will pressure the best out of you,occupy your space whenever wherever and sometimes want some of the shares of your … More #Dilemma

#Does He?

Today the decision is to post poetry.. We will have something figured out soon if you want us to post your stuff..              Does He?? I bet he doesn’t know you cry yourself to sleep most nights, I bet he doesn’t know he occupy’s your mind every single minute of … More #Does He?

# Puffy Eyes😥

Cold weather has its advantages;  sleeping mood,  snuggling and cuddling,  love making, that hot chocolate Netflix and chill vibe…  But it has it’s disadvantages too…Puffy eyes We get puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes every single time we do not have enough rest, undergoing stress or  allergies but it worsens and becomes regular … More # Puffy Eyes😥


The lent period was a time for all the Christians to sit back,  block all distractions of the world and focus on getting in touch with their spiritual selves.  One was to humble themselves,  fast,  give back to society and most of all pray. During this Easter celebration,  you should aim at walking in Jesus’ … More #Easter

#Afrikan Hair Options.

Hey-yoh..:D:Dlet’s focus. Haiiiiir. First is to say Afrikan hair is the best. Second,  it can be a little difficult to maintain. Especially if you have really kinky hair like yours trully. If you are like me you take the plaiting options.  It should be noted that plaiting hair helps maintain its strength and reduce breakage. … More #Afrikan Hair Options.