# Puffy Eyes😥

Cold weather has its advantages;  sleeping mood,  snuggling and cuddling,  love making, that hot chocolate Netflix and chill vibe… 

But it has it’s disadvantages too…Puffy eyes

We get puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes every single time we do not have enough rest, undergoing stress or  allergies but it worsens and becomes regular when its cold. 

The long term effect of tolerating the dark circles around the eyes is that it causes wrinkles around the eyes:'( which catalyses premature aging 

We have to take care of this!  Both to the gents and we ladies.So.. 

To treat this,  


1) Take a pinch of black pepper powder. 

2) Take one teaspoon of coffee

3) Take a 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil

4) Take water

5) Make a paste of the ingredients 

6) Apply the paste gently under your eyes and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. 

7) Rinse it off with lukewarm water and gently apply moisturizer 

P’s: if u don’t have time to make the paste,  in the morning as you are taking your coffee,  dip your finger tips in the beverage and apply the liquid under your eyes,  let it sit for the same 10-15 minutes

Then rinse or wipe it off gently😌

Whooaaa!!!  Hahah

Make sure u try it out… 

Love u fam.. Thanks for the continued support and feedback😚😚😚😚



The lent period was a time for all the Christians to sit back,  block all distractions of the world and focus on getting in touch with their spiritual selves. 

One was to humble themselves,  fast,  give back to society and most of all pray. During this Easter celebration,  you should aim at walking in Jesus’ shoes,  so as to understand the pain that he went through to because of our sins just to save us all from destruction. 

It can be literal or not.  Yesterday, as a Catholic,  we performed the way of the cross to signify the journey our Lord took before his crucifixion. We should all be deep in prayer as we await his ressurection. 

His resurrection will signify a new beginning; to offer forgiveness,  spread happiness and love to all around us. A second chance,  a chance to let go of all our troubles and worries. Let’s all prepare our hearts and souls to rejoice and celebrate the rising of our Christ. 

Happy Easter Holidays Family 💞💕

#Afrikan Hair Options.

Hey-yoh..:D:Dlet’s focus. Haiiiiir. First is to say Afrikan hair is the best. Second,  it can be a little difficult to maintain. Especially if you have really kinky hair like yours trully.
If you are like me you take the plaiting options. 

It should be noted that plaiting hair helps maintain its strength and reduce breakage.  I am a braid girl. Im always trying new styles, lengths and colours. The same old black braids can get a little boring(I get bored easily. That’s why i wouldn’t put dreadlocks. I do have two locks though.)

Sidetracking again. Today, i take this opportunity to encourage you to try coloured braids. You’d be surprised how great white/ shades of pink looks on quite a number of skin tones

We promise to steer you to the right direction, give you as much accurate information as possible. As always, thanks for stopping by. We appreciate.


#Forget About It.

Hello my Kin.. Today let’s go inspirational. However, it is a different kind of inspiration.(i do endeavour to be different) 

Word of the day.. FORGET.

Most people live their lives just listening instead of making uninfluenced decisions. It mostly is usually unknowingly. That’s why i say.. Forget. Forget what you heard,  forget what you read, forget what was said. Sometimes you need to even forget what your parents said.

Relax, im about to elaborate. There is so much bull in the modern world of internet, media and almost everyone thinking they know everything. What you need to realise is It’s Your Life. Take a step back,  FORGET,  then start from there. From a place of sanctity if i may say so. A place of no influence. A place where you can internalize and determine whats best for you… YOU. Not your friends, family,  i don’t care who they are. In this instance, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU…(Trey Songz what whaaaat).

Forget it all and do you,  Forget about it and be happy. Forget,  and realize how much easier it can be.

These next words are very important, Everyone. Moves. At. Their. Own. Pace. Don’t let another’s pace derail yours. Be patient and remember to  forget,  sometimes.

No pics today my kin for even though a picture can say a thousand words, sometimes words are needed to paint a picture.. Ponder that!


Happy Sunday Y’all. 

#Nail care

Beauty is the in thing right now.  Girls, ladies, women, grandparents, no one wants to look like they’re not taking care of themselves. They are all in the beauty shops right now because it’s the weekend; their aim is being on fleek. 

Great thing,  men are also following the trends.. Being open minded about taking a second look to their looks..👌I respect that! 

We have all sorts of nail art.  From acrylics,  to gell, to stick ons and to just simple nail Polish art. Your nails undergo a lot and I know you see the effects.  The chipping,  nails becoming weak,  turning brown or creamish and cuticles appearing all the time. 

With the following tips,  you can fix that.. Though the results are going to be gradual because it all depends with how much time you will allow your nails to rest and breathe in their natural state. 


1.) Take some virgin coconut oil into your hands. 

2.) Rub the oil in your hands and apply it gently on and around your nails. 

3.) Massage it for a few minutes and leave it like that. 

4.) Do the same application often,  as coconut makes the nails healthy and shiny in the long run.  

That’s all…;)…try it out! 


​Its the start of the cold season and colder climates can be tough on your skin. Cold temperatures dries out skin stripping off moisture from exposed skin.To treat this one has to avoid taking long, hot showers, and apply a lot of moisturizer.

The weather however is wavering, one day it’s cold and on other days burning hot.  To avoid premature aging or aging at all accompanied by wrinkles,  you should try out this natural botox therapy


1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil

1 egg white

1/2 table spoon of lemon juice 


*Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture gently on your face for 15-20 minutes a day. 

*Afterwards,  wash it out using a mild facial cleanser and a lot of lukewarm water. 

*Dry using a smooth face towel and apply moisturizer. 

Thank you all for your support and vote for the Bake Awards.  Even though we did not make it through to the nominations,  we are still pushing on to get there for next year… Thank you all so much. .😙😙

See you tomorrow!!!!! 😀


Other than yoga,  meditation,  exercise and positive thinking… Grape and apple cider juice works miracles too. 

It’s a; 

*stress reliever

*blood pressure regulator

*body sugar boost 

*fat killer


Ingredients : 

1 cup of natural grape juice/ orange juice

-1 tablespoon of natural honey

-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 


Pour all the ingredients in the blender and blend until they are smooth. 

NB: Take the beverage before lunch or dinner.