#Kitenge back again (there’s a good reason)!!

Guys im so excited. Do you remember the Kitenge Back piece (if not it’s just a couple of posts back). Im proud to announce that i was successful. 

I still have a bit of material left but i already made something awesome. So i took the kitenge apart to see how much material i was working with. I was just sitting there trying to think of something when i noticed the puffy shoulders could become something.

So i developed the idea,  cut up straps from an old light trouser and you’d never guess what i was able to make.

A Kitenge Bikini!!!

Yep.. I figured the material was light enough. It looks so good i could cry. I haven’t used the rest of the material but when i do, you bet i will post it here.

So try it.. You never know. And if you like how it looks just tell us. I don’t mind turning this new found passion into a small business. I will make you one or make one for someone dear (fellas).

As always we love that you take time to stop by. We have come quite a mile and seeing our baby grow up steadily is trully rewarding.



#kitenge back


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