#Show Me!!!

Sometime back I heard some words that have stuck with me. Who taught you to hate the colour of your skin? Who taught you to hate your Afrikan features? The wide nose, the full lips and round eyes. Who taught you to hate your curly, kinky Afrikan hair. Who? Show me.

We have forgotten who we are. Our ancestors would cast their gazes away from us. We have forsaken our roots
For we are black and black is beautiful. Black is resilient, black is strong,  black has a backbone, black is proud of heritage, black is flawless, black is Afrikan and we are Afrikan. So black is us. We should not feel shame,  we dare not try to hide, try to change for we are black.

Pardon my language here but people been fucking with black people for a long time. I’m not saying this to start some shit but to make you understand what a gem you are. No matter our suffering we somehow come out much stronger each single time.

We created this blog not just about Afrika but Afrikans themselves. We hope to impact peoples’ lives. Show them that we are bold and beautiful. That Afrika, Afrikans and Black is good. I couldn’t be prouder.

That dark skin allows you to walk in sunlight no protection needed. You could stay out all day and you’re still good. Those Afrikan features are beautiful, they are unique,  they make us different(we just look like us). That hair, you can wear it kinky, straight, curly however you like. In my books that’s spetacular,  which means you are spectacular.
And since you can’t show me who taught you, recognize you are special. So stop it, embrace it. Black is courageous.



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