More poetry..

             The One That Got Away…

I watched as you walked away with that swagger in yo step I adored. My heart shattered,  an absurd pain in my chest. I lifted my hand towards you, opened my mouth to call you back but I lost my voice.

My hand dropped to my side, tears filled my eyes. My throat hurt from trying not to cry and breakdown like a child. Fists curled, eyes stinging, mouth dry from the effort.

Been so close but now so far, held you in my arms yet you slipped right through my fingers. So close to touching your heart though I missed by an inch.

Your disappointing me evolving. Once,  twice and apparently three’s a charm cause you charmed  your way out of that one. The ability to say the right words a talent. Like a scultor moulds clay you could string entire sentences together.

Many a time I stretched myself to try and make it work. I guess I had to move on. But moving on is very different from letting go. See, I told myself I moved on but how you occupied my mind infrequently. 

Be friends you said. More your choice than mine, it killed me.

As I watched you sashay away it hit me, like a rock it hit me. I had to let go. And as I turned and walked in the other direction, with every step I pretended you left my heart.

No,  you were no longer the one that got away but the one that was never worth of me.


Khalee Blakat.



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