#Does He?

Today the decision is to post poetry.. We will have something figured out soon if you want us to post your stuff..

             Does He??

I bet he doesn’t know you cry yourself to sleep most nights, I bet he doesn’t know he occupy’s your mind every single minute of every day, I bet he doesn’t know when you spot a cute couple you picture the same for you both, I bet, he has no idea you know every detail about him,  you can’t help it. 

How his eyes light up when he speaks of something he’s passionate about,  how his dimples form slowly at the base of his cheeks when he smiles,  how his nose flares when he laughs and how his brow lifts when he’s amused.

I bet he doesn’t know your heart jumps and races when you see him, Your day brightens just by the mention of his name, You smile foolishly to yourself when you go through moments you spent together in your head.
I bet he’s not aware of the pain you have pent up because though you try to convince yourself there is a future for you both your mind doesn’t see it, deep down you doubt.

Of your wondering and anxiety about your place in his life,  of your worrying that sooner rather than later he will be bored of you,  I bet he doesn’t know that you are afraid to lose whatever thing you have going on, I bet he doesn’t know you yarn for the day he’ll carress your face, kiss your forehead and fold you into his arms but this time.

This time the gestures will hold deeper meaning. I bet. I bet he doesn’t know you love him.

Does he?


Khalee Blakat.


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