#Afrikan Hair Options.

Hey-yoh..:D:Dlet’s focus. Haiiiiir. First is to say Afrikan hair is the best. Second,  it can be a little difficult to maintain. Especially if you have really kinky hair like yours trully.
If you are like me you take the plaiting options. 

It should be noted that plaiting hair helps maintain its strength and reduce breakage.  I am a braid girl. Im always trying new styles, lengths and colours. The same old black braids can get a little boring(I get bored easily. That’s why i wouldn’t put dreadlocks. I do have two locks though.)

Sidetracking again. Today, i take this opportunity to encourage you to try coloured braids. You’d be surprised how great white/ shades of pink looks on quite a number of skin tones

We promise to steer you to the right direction, give you as much accurate information as possible. As always, thanks for stopping by. We appreciate.


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