#Forget About It.

Hello my Kin.. Today let’s go inspirational. However, it is a different kind of inspiration.(i do endeavour to be different) 

Word of the day.. FORGET.

Most people live their lives just listening instead of making uninfluenced decisions. It mostly is usually unknowingly. That’s why i say.. Forget. Forget what you heard,  forget what you read, forget what was said. Sometimes you need to even forget what your parents said.

Relax, im about to elaborate. There is so much bull in the modern world of internet, media and almost everyone thinking they know everything. What you need to realise is It’s Your Life. Take a step back,  FORGET,  then start from there. From a place of sanctity if i may say so. A place of no influence. A place where you can internalize and determine whats best for you… YOU. Not your friends, family,  i don’t care who they are. In this instance, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU…(Trey Songz what whaaaat).

Forget it all and do you,  Forget about it and be happy. Forget,  and realize how much easier it can be.

These next words are very important, Everyone. Moves. At. Their. Own. Pace. Don’t let another’s pace derail yours. Be patient and remember to  forget,  sometimes.

No pics today my kin for even though a picture can say a thousand words, sometimes words are needed to paint a picture.. Ponder that!


Happy Sunday Y’all. 


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