#Nail care

Beauty is the in thing right now.  Girls, ladies, women, grandparents, no one wants to look like they’re not taking care of themselves. They are all in the beauty shops right now because it’s the weekend; their aim is being on fleek. 

Great thing,  men are also following the trends.. Being open minded about taking a second look to their looks..👌I respect that! 

We have all sorts of nail art.  From acrylics,  to gell, to stick ons and to just simple nail Polish art. Your nails undergo a lot and I know you see the effects.  The chipping,  nails becoming weak,  turning brown or creamish and cuticles appearing all the time. 

With the following tips,  you can fix that.. Though the results are going to be gradual because it all depends with how much time you will allow your nails to rest and breathe in their natural state. 


1.) Take some virgin coconut oil into your hands. 

2.) Rub the oil in your hands and apply it gently on and around your nails. 

3.) Massage it for a few minutes and leave it like that. 

4.) Do the same application often,  as coconut makes the nails healthy and shiny in the long run.  

That’s all…;)…try it out! 


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