​Hello my Afrikan lions and lionesses. Quoting someone who loved Afrika with everything he had ‘be iron, like a lion, in Zion’. Mostly though, he called for the unification of all Afrikans. 

On that semi-inspiration note let’s get to today’s agenda, Afrika inspired clothes. Forget Afrikan print for a second, who remembers kitenges? Huh? Our mothers used to rock them back in the day. With their puffy shoulders, extravagant lengths, out of this world designs.

 They were a big thing.
When I was a kid I admired my mom but told myself I would never wear one. They were good but I felt the design was limited to ‘umama’ (mothers). I considered their style too last generation. Now I can say I’ve swallowed my words because I found an option.  I’m in the process of turning one of my mother’s kitenge into something I can wear. 

I realize people go for different things but I assure you, you will find something that works for you. Go forth and rummage in closets or buy the material.

 It’s not that different from print. Modernizing the styles will be easy cause as always, I got you (the pictures will help).

 As always we appreciate the stop, good day my beautiful people.


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