‘​Adding pop🙉 to…’ That was the title but I lacked an ending so went with.. Colours🙌. Normally, I prefer the conventional black, grey,dark blue and a little white and maybe some green.

Today,  I have a neon pink Jersey,added some long tie-dye pink white long socks to my blue girly shorts and bluish blown with dull cream Checked shirt to reduce the neon pink shout. 

Its a mighty cute outfit. My point from all the blubberring above is colors. Try shoutier colors(i’m i allowed to say that??hmm). Blue can go so well with green,red and pink too.

Its gonna look mighty fine I promise. 

Look into your inner fashion guru and try it out because it’s sunny, all colorful and beautiful outside.. Before the rains begin😈👿

Men… I’ve not forgotten you this time..

Why  #FUTURE HENDRIX?  because I think he is the most influential, sexiest, best dressed rapper in the game..and he should influence your wardrobe gentlemen. 


Honestly guys I thought of a fashion post and this was the first thing that came to mind and it’s from my heart.


Remember : 

The voting is still going on,we have until 10the March.. 

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*In the New Blog category slot type👇


*Fill out your details, and that’s it👐

Tell a friend to tell a friend… Let’s do this

Ps:  You can vote as many times as you want ;its possible. 

Thank you.


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