I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day but I’m a FAN of love 😚😚😚 

Most of you go out, dinner dates, exchange of expensive gifts,… always that grand gesture:It’s great but  I’m not into that. 

I’m very simple.. Simplicity is beautiful to me. When I love you, you know I love you not by the big things but from the heart to heart thoughtful actions. 

So far I have had four Valentine celebrations with my partner and they are just the best. He is my ride and die.😙

I won’t tell you what we do(I’m very private)  but I’ll tell you three things you should try out.. 

*Make a handy gift. If he or she appreciates laughter, add some humor to it. The gift automatically becomes dear to the heart. 

I still have cards and paper messages that I received since 2008.In as much as people call them out as outdated, I love cards. They are long lasting and everything about them scream emotions depending on the message. 

*Make dinner.  Hahah I’d totally eat that heart dog😂.

*Picnics. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love picnics. So much free space to do and say anything. I call it my perfect setting. 

That’s all from me. Any other extra thing you do on this beautiful day,add something special to it. Make her sparkle and smile and make him feel appreciated and special too. 

HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE.. From angieecapp tales 💕    


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