#Polycap seals

Junk foods are widely eaten and not many of us finish that bag of chips or a packet of those creamed oreos. So we just fold the top and store till the next time you are in need of them.

Well aren’t you tired of your junk foods becoming all soggy and tasteless after being exposed to air? 

I have just the perfect solution to that. Let me introduce you to polycap seals.

That one packet has 30 pieces.  

*they are easy to use and long lasting 

*they add ambiance to your kitchen decor, keeping it all classy

*they prevent food from being all soggy and tasteless because they seal the bag tightly

*plus you can seal just about anything even left over foods and store in the fridge. 

The best part about it all is that it’s very cheap.  I’m selling them for just sh. 1500 only. 

Its a month of love and embracing change. Men and ladies, this should be part of the Valentine’s gift to your lady, she will be so grateful for pimping her kitchen and you will also benefit from it too.. A win-win gift. 

Contact: 0711641547  

Email: angieehinga@gmail.Com 

Delivery strictly around Nairobi CBD Area, Kenya.  No shipment services. 


4 thoughts on “#Polycap seals

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the packaging of the snack/junk foods! I love traveling and finding local foods. It’s always a treat to try new things, and see the different packaging of products that are the same, but different. The clips are different from anything I’ve seen here where I live as well.

    Thanks for sharing and for the visit on my blog! I appreciate it very much.

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