Oooouuhhh!!😜😜😜 hahaha.. 

With the diet I’m on, I have to eat healthy things, in small amounts/portions that would fool me I’m full. .

So… Here is my yoghurt fruitie🙌🙌


*yoghurt(natural yoghurt+strawberry flavor+blackcurrant flavor) 

*passion fruits

(addition of strawberry and blackcurrant flavor is just for color and taste…)


-take a clean glass tumbler

-add some natural yoghurt to settle at the bottom of the glass

-add the strawberry yoghurt  to make the second layer

-add the blackcurrant yoghurt to make the third layer

-Go back to the natural yoghurt, then strawberry and blackcurrant…you get it. 

-At the top, squeeze the passion fruit and bahm!!… 

Food presentation is key.  It stirs up ones appetite. 

-Take it when chill. 
You can take that with a spoon or just suck it up with a straw. It is delicious👅.

Welcome to my lunch! 

Remember : 

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