​You know what I go for when it comes to fashion, my style if you may… anything wearable with a sexy edge. I know, I know the fashion magazines will frown at the ‘anything wearable’ part but I kid you not it work😎.

 You’d be surprised how great a plain shirt will look by leaving the first three to four buttons open, tying it into a knot at the bottom and folding the sleeves a little. 

 The sexy part is what varies a little, on the more some days and a little on the less on other days.

 It depends with where I’m going, how I’m feeling and what is still in the wardrobe. 

Not everyone will go for the …. With a sexy edge look and that’s okay. 

Since my fashion senses were awoken I have learned four things.

*Wear what you are comfortable with.

*Just because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will on you.

*Experimenting is good, but do some research too.

*Give your look more than two glimpses in the mirror…. Girrrrl! (I pretty much app photos to my friends asking for opinions when I’m not sure with the man in the mirror-see what I did there)

Most important of the four, make sure you are comfortable💆.

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