#Post Work-Out

What should you eat after a work out?:(:(

After an aggressive work out, we tend to have high appetite and this is because our satiety hormones- ones that increase our appetite,  want to replace the energy lost from the burned fats.

One can burn out 400 pounds in three hours and gain it back in a second😱 from the food that we decide to take after the work out. 

Ha:D yeah! 

The following are the right foods to take:

* apples and peanut butter

*cheese and crackers 

*natural yoghurt with a mix of grapes and blueberries/raspberries and mint leaves

*vegetable omelette 

*peanut butter with banana toast(brown bread )

*avocado toast(brown bread) 

*fruit smoothie / protein shakes

*whole grain cereal with skim milk

*fruit salad( watermelon, pineapples, apples, lemon, grapefruits blueberries,raspberries,kiwi,avocado)

*vegetable salad(lettuce,cucumber,white onion,carrots,beets,tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower,  celery, asparagus, mushrooms, kales and cabbages) 

*an energy bar.  

The above foods are highly recommended because they are low on cholestrol levels and are easily digested with your body. 

Now you know!!..😜

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