It’s the country’s election year and it’s my election year too👸..it’s the 2017 BLOG AWARDS KENYA🙏   and I know we should grab this, we deserve it. 

Just last weekend my friends and I popped bottles and it was so much fun and at that moment I realised it was the blog’s first year anniversary. 

Working on my baby (blog) has not been easy, researching on what can please you guys, what will make u click on that link and read my thoughts, practically our lives ..and you do so each and every single time:..your loyalty😍😍😍:):)😙😙…I can’t begin to thank you. 

Having a team of family and friends inboxing me to write something when I have delayed even with a day,your feedback and corrections, sharing your stories, talents, even being my models:Sparing your precious time to invite me for sit-downs to come up with a working business plan to strategise on the steps to take to build on the stats and encourage me to keep up the spirit ;all of you believing in this dream:'(:'(.

Having a hundred plus followers, 

check this out.. 

In just a year.. We.. You and I.. Have made this numbers. In just a year:o

What’s stopping us from grabbing that award really..Let’s do this.. 

So to vote in the NEW BLOG CATEGORY, this is how to do it.. 

*Click on the following link..👇


*Copy and paste the blogs link 👇


*Fill out your details and submit..:):)

THATS ALL!!!..  


Tell a friend to tell a friend. We have Two Weeks..  Vote vote🙆. 

Love you all.  THANKS AGAIN ..a bunch💞

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