When it comes to men’s fashion, I think my dad just KILLS it!.. Haha.. Y??? Because he goes all Ankara mixed with modernity and just that old skul vibe swag☺

Tshirts, jeans, shorts, a slim gold/silver neck chain, maybe studs, stunners, and a Rolex.👀👀👀. To me that’s:?… Just smart. 

I know my crowd, my men readers and I know you can pull off what I’m about to talk about; easily. 

Check this out:

I mean it’s not hard at all to get this look.  All u need is to find a really good tailor: Make that extra effort to your fashion.  And it’s cheap too.. A kitenge goes from sh.800 to sh.1500 depending on the quality, and that one piece of fabric might make a shirt, jacket, coat, pants, scarf, add an Ankara patch to some clothing or even shorts: whatever you want. 

The best thing about this look, it can work as a formal and a casual look.😍

You don’t have to do a whole wardrobe make over,  just once in  while.. Go African and BELIEVE me, you will drop a lot of jaws and gain a lot of respect.👐 ladies know what I m talking about. 

I mean… You have to agree they do look good. Try it out😆, January is over🍻…dare yourself and you won’t regret it. 

I’m not a stylist but I know fashion that is sexy, mature, and for a man who just demands that manly respect;  I do thank God I got him😘😘.


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