Personally I don’t like heavy breakfasts. I can have water and a fruit and I’m good to go. 

So I taught myself how to make easy, healthy and very light breakfast.😌


Two Boiled eggs,guacamole, biscuits,mango, coffee and water. 

*Boiled eggs. 


Eggs, water and salt


-put the eggs in water and let them boil for 15-20minutes. 

-turn off the heat and let them cook on their own for 10minutes. 

-remove from water and carefully Peel off the cover. 

*add black pepper, cumin and Rosemary leaves for seasoning. 


Ingredients :  

Avocado, tomatoes, onions, salt.


-clean the vegetables.

-chop the vegetables and dice the avocado and put them in a blender. 

-empty in a bowl and add salt to taste.  


Ingredients : 



-clean the mango and dry. 

-cut into halves and slice into squares. 

-serve in a saucer. 



Coffee, water, sugar. 


-boil the water 

-add the coffee and let them boil for 5minutes

-add  sugar to taste 

-serve when hot. 

* cucumber -mint Water  

Ingredients : 

Cucumber, mint and water. 


-clean the vegetables. 

-dice the cucumbers and add to the water. 

-add the mint leaves to the water. 

-let them soak out the juices for an hour. 

-serve when chill. 

ENJOY!!! 😙😙

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