You have a lot of options because anything and everything can fit😌,but what do u wear to bring out your👌cute curves;)


for your tops:wear the sweetheart, v-necklines and square shaped tops to define and shape your bust. 

Ensure that the tops sit right at the waist. 
-jackets: well fitting jackets that are clean cut. Cropped jackets will do your curve justice. 

-dresses:wear ones that have vertical stripes and with defining seam work to bring out your curves😙

-skirts: pencil and A-line skirts that shape your thighs for that hour glass look. 

-jeans:ones that fit around the hips and butt:roll::roll:.

-sweaters: fitting buttoned up cardigans and wool sweaters because the fabric is light. 

-coats: wear belted coats and trenches to shape your curves. 

-fabric: choose lightweight fabric to avoid extra bulk around your waist.  

*wear clothes that will ensure your stomach is smaller than your hips and shoulders. 

Stacey Wangui😚😚

Oh isn’t my model just beautiful😙😙😙😙😙..runs in the family.. 


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