The face is the most VITAL feature that we have.  We look after it on a daily basis; a pimple appears😨 and we immediately sort for a solution because at the end of the day, we all want smooth flawless skin. 

How do we get there?  It all starts with how well do you wash your face😆

As I clean my face,  I never miss the following;

¶A wash cloth, facial cleanser,toner, moisturizer and sunscreen¶

Procedure :

  -Dip the washcloth into lukewarm water, wipe your face, chest and back of the neck to open up the pores.

-Apply the facial cleanser from your forehead, all over your face paying attention to the oily spots to the back of your neck using the upward and circular motion. 

– Massage your face with your finger tips gently for 30 seconds. 

-Rinse the cleanser with the washcloth and lukewarm water in a downward sweeping motion.

-Second rinse your face by splashing cold water on your face to freshen and close the pores.         

– Dry your face with a clean, smooth towel by patting till dry. 

-Apply the toner to balance the skin’s pH and avoid skin breakouts. 

-Apply the moisturizer to hydrate the skin. 

-Always apply the sunscreen over the moisturizer whether rain or shine to prevent it from weather changes that can be harsh for the skin. 

-Continue with your regular make-up routine from there:)


*soaps and gells tend to dry out the skin and remove the natural oils broadcasting the appearance of fine lines(wrinkles). 

*your face is made up of fat, muscles and blood vessels. Hot water is very harsh and breaks down the blood capillaries. 

*facial cleansers have multipurpose ingredients that exfoliate the skin,  remove makeup and decongest pores. 

*wash cloths work the cleanser deep into the pores, offer gentle exfoliation and removes dirt and makeup thoroughly.

*Massaging removes dirt thoroughly and stimulates blood circulation. 

*Take your time in cleaning your face.  Aim at doing a double cleanse and thorough rinsing of the product. 

Give it a try and thank me later😙


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