Today I speak from an end of my plus size girls.. And by that I don’t mean fat, I mean anyone with that tummy that ain’t got packs and those hips that need jeans with a few extra inches. Be proud of those few inches 😙

So, we are used to hiding in our wool sweaters, chiffon tops and dress tops and tights well no more. 
In my opinion I think we have an advantage over our other sisters because as said earlier we got extra inches that make that clothe POP! 

To flatter our shape, we only need to wear clothes with the right print

Clothes to widen shoulders and trim the  waistline 

-brightly colored blouses of different prints (polka dots, or vertical lines) ☺

-the height of the top to be just above the widest point of your hips;)

-to wear empire waist dresses that hold tight the ‘girls’ and let’s loose  of other blessings from just below the bust all the way to the knees 😍

-to wear v-neckline or sweetheart neckline tops/dresses to shape the bust 😜

-slim belts to flatter the waistline

Clothes to make the thighs smaller 

-dark colored bottoms 😎

-flared jeans; if pencil choose tops whose height is just below the hips:roll:

-pencil skirts to give the hourglass figure that for some reason makes you a bit smaller. 😄

This is not all.. This is just a teaser, fashion really has no end. 


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