Hair is precious to a woman, whether she wants to keep it long,  dreadlocks, short; natural or relaxed. 

We all aim at natural thick healthy hair that doesn’t fall out, so how about some easy and cheap tips. 


1. Drink A LOT of water to keep your body hydrated. 

2.Always aim at keeping the scalp clean and healthy.  If your have a weave, braids, or just plaited simple lines use the baby wipes because they are mild to clean in between the spaces daily to avoid harboring of dust from sweating. 

3.Use products that simulate follicles. The hair boosting products,  make sure it has olive oil or aloe vera in it to avoid dandruffs and itching. 

4.Comb your hair from the tips to the roots while using detangling spray, irrespective of whether your hair is natural or weaved. This is to avoid straining the roots that causes hair fall out. 

5. Detangle your hair first using your fingers before straining the roots with a comb. 

6. Moisturize your hair DAILY!!  

Ps: Application of oil is not moisturizing!! Use water, water-based products or aloe  very juices to hydrate the follicles. 

7. When styling, use styles that will promote hair retention.  Do not pull or strain your hair too much as that will weaken the roots; or use too much heat when blow drying or flat ironing. 

8. Apply sheen spray or regular hair spray when going out to avoid harming the follicles from direct sun rays. 

9. Seal your hair DAILY!.. use stockings, head scarfs or hair caps that will hold the hair into position the whole night to avoid pulling and straining. 

10. Read the labels and chemical contents carefully of your preferred hair products to make sure they are not harsh. Also for the DIY hair shampoo and conditioners(avocado, eggs and honey) research to make sure they work perfectly with your scalp to avoid dandruffs that occur out of a dry scalp. 

11.When cleaning your hair, scrub gently, massage the scalp, cover your hair  with a plastic bag to allow the products to sink in for some few minutes. Pour less water to begin the rinsing to avoid a lot of weight on hair as it is weak at that time then increase the water level gradually until hair is fully rinsed.  Wrap your hair while wet with a towel until it stops dripping then pat your hair with another towel until it’s dry.  Do not pull or roughly dry it since it’s weak. 

12.  Trim the ends of your hair occasionally to promote healthy growth of hair. 

Above: Winnie Aluko. Personally she has the best maintained natural hair.She helped out with some of the tips as they are a must for her

Lets make it a point of avoiding to visit the salons daily. Wash, dry and blow dry or flat iron your hair at home since you will do so at your own pace and care. 

You will thank us later for the beautiful results. 



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