Her name Lorena Mbogo , a soul.ive known and loved since I was a young girl. .my bff !! For as long as I’ve known her, she has always loved singing..from back when ‘say goodbye by Chris Brown’ was a hit haha..and when trey  songz was just a skinny dude on MTV haha..

She took a leap of faith and focused on music;her first band was Daughter’s of Destiny , a church band from the year 2007-2009 as a vocalist;2)a karaoke backup/assistant at Karaoke all over..

3)Irony Destroyed 2014-current as a vocalist, also at the 4)Metal Rock  band that performed in March at From the Underground 2014 Marabou Lounge and the same month the year 2015 at Carnivore Grounds.

A lady I’m so proud to call my sister,a mother to Sandie Caitlin Wayne , a lady who gives me the courage to sing too seeing how successful and super happy she is from putting the crazy on her rock fans through her unspeakable talent..fam. I introduce yall to.SKYLAR. .


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