Took my breath away.

Recently, three roads were renamed in honour of three people. One of these names, Maathai, caught my eye and I was like about damn time. What took so long? I would have suggested a statue but the road is a start. Wangari Maathai literally fought for nature and preservation of the environment.


Karura forest is a major example of her valor. Yes I say valor for if not for her it probably wouldn’t exist.
I visited the forest a while back and a bit recently and it took my breath away.



Every time I have been there I remembered Wangari Maathai and I felt proud that she, an Afrikan woman, stood her ground and succeeded cause let’s face it women weren’t exactly taken seriously in Afrika for a long while.



See for yourself, I took the liberty of taking pics. (Yes yes, I remembered you guys and thought you might want to see what I’m talking about)


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