Finding employment is hard these days ,with the tedious tarmacking under the very hot sun which doesn’t prove to be worth it at all. .or if it is; it’s not satisfying.

So why not exploit your talent! !!!

It being the #ParisFashionWeek2016 soon headed to the #NewYorkFashionWeek2016 yall have to know all about JASIRI STYLES. 

Jasiri a Swahili word which means bold and courageous is an online fashion and fabric retailer that offers  both men and women clothings ,accessories and apparel fabric including African print fabric. 

The company was launched on June 6th 2016; the force behind being Kate and Bekah.

 In that short period of time, from hand made garments:came the yacht party where there was a fashion show held to present the fabrics for the very first time and that gave birth to a feature in a magazine.

 In Steve Jobs words, ‘Great things in business are never done by one person rather they are done by a team of great people’. 

Make sure you check them out through facebook, pinterest, instagram and their website for unique custom made pieces that will make you bold and foxy  too…shout out to jasiri styles  and the fabulous team.


@facebook: jasiri styles 

@instagram: jasiri styles

pinterest:jasiri styles 

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