I heard this today on my way to school in some reggae mix in a ‘lopha’ and only one person came to mind; my cousin  Marsha. I just found my self overwhelmed with laughter.

Joseph Macharia Kimani is the most loving, caring,funniest, charitable,  big hearted man among other great outstanding values I know and you will get to know too.

He is a family man,

A husband to a gorgeous lovely and smart lady, who still..has her name pinned on her high school’s noticeboard for her outstanding performance in Mathematics in her final year in high school. .

 A man surrounded by a wide range of friends ..always welcoming and hosting parties as a way to share his success and joy..

A GENIUS .. yes I said it. .A GENIUS in his field of work.

I know right. ..MY GOODNESS. .To top it all up..he is also a team player

I’m not through..you know what!!! GO check him out as his name is his brand and I’m very proud to be family with the brand..he is the one and only..the big man himself , my role model ; JOSEPH MACHARIA KIMANI! !


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