Today I woke up in a MOOOOD…a good one but then a visitor showed up haha.

Quick question guys. .should‘watu wa kanjo, watu wa stima, n kuangalia Metre ya maji’ just Burge into your houselhold or should they knock????????..

So he storms in with his dirty regalia, walks right past me and straight to the electricity metre..like..waaah. .like..waa. .mehn where is the courtesy? ???..you are in my house!!!..like..I had a lot to say but..no words..just. .

The sarcastic part was that this same day I went to pick up my kcse certificate in my old high school. After the strike and the riot within the school the principal was changed and so I didn’t know her by face.

When my girls and I got there..we followed the uncalled for rules at the gate (leaving our phones and national I’d card) and walked straight into the compound only to find ourselves in the same position with the mtu wa stima..the difference being we were kicked out smoothly. .

And right now..I’m mtu wa  stima because I have also stormed into your precious time..with no meaningful topic or advise..but just to check in..and..waaaaah hahaha..

2 thoughts on “U NC ALL ED FOR STRANGERS

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