All Natural.. Err’ Day!!

I know you know that popular slogan ‘all day, eer’ day’. Today i decided to add a little something to suit today’s post. This one is mostly for you my Afrikan Queens. For a time there has been a buzz about Afrikan hair. People trying new things and products. Many platforms on the internet dedicated to just that. Naturally, our hair is curly with a whole range of textures that i have never been able to master.


Now i have one of the most dry textured hair i have ever come across. I remember countless crying episodes when i was young while my mother combed my hair. So when i say the texture is tough, i know what i’m saying.
In my earlier teens i chose chemical relaxers to straighten my hair, you know, make it easier to put a comb through. Later on i dyed my hair and that was when it all came apart. The combined chemicals figuratively shredded my hair. It kept falling off.
Without i choice i decided to grow it out natural.
And i was back to square one.
I can say it wasnt my choice to go natural but i decided to keep it that way. One of my bestfriends is a hair enthusiast( you can follow her blog @kinkykuki) she will give you all the advice you could ever need on going and staying natural. I talked to her and she gave me advice on oils, shampoo, treatments just to mention a few. You cannot imagine the change in my hair. Its texture hasn’t exactly changed, it’s just more manageable. Its gotten longer so fast i have to admit i’m a little proud.


Why i’m i telling you this? To encourage you to try natural, follow the right advice( not everything on the internet is right) and you will be glad you did. It doesn’t matter your hair’s texture, length or color. You can make it work. Saves you money without compromising on results. Believe me, you’ll thank me later.

Ps. The pictures are me after trying out a glycerin treatment and uncurling bantu knots after a night.
Pss.. Glycerin is good for your hair. It keeps it moisturized and prevents drying. (it has been my latest research venture and im for it.)


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