For Your Information.


Good morning Afrika! Rise and shine, it is a beautiful day so I urge you to venture out there with a positive attitude no matter what and work it. Seems it will be a bright day today, on this Eastern side at least. I feel it’s time to address something that has been on my mind for a while. Too many cases on the tellie have made this a pressing issue. Given our usual sturdy ancestors, cultures, upbringing and beliefs-just to give you an idea of what I’m saying-we tend to shun some things as unafrikan (for lack of a better word) or they came from the west so they do not affect us.
Human beings have such amazing brains that some people dedicate their lives to study just that. On the other hand, they are vulnerable to trauma among other things. Certain experiences can leave a psychological mark/scar that some people don’t even realize is there. Which brings me to today’s topic.


Disorders. . .
Specifically, psychological disorders. These disorders depending on how far or deeply rooted they are bring about different effects in a person. People have been known to commit outrageous acts some as far as murder. No, don’t misunderstand, not all criminals have disorders and not all with disorders commit outrageous acts. Unfortunately, these disorders are common all over the world, Afrika included. I did a bit of research and just to give you an idea, here are examples of the most common.

Anxiety disorders: they cause fear, dread and panic in a person. These emotions are triggered by certain things or situations. Eg, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and certain phobias (not all phobias).

Mood disorders: they mostly involve fluctuations from one extreme emotion to another-like happiness to sadness -or persistent emotions for a long period of time. Eg, bipolar disorder and depression. (Just because you have some mood swings doesn’t mean it’s a disorder).

Psychotic disorders: these are a little more serious. They include hearing voices, delusions, distorted awareness or thinking. They result in belief by the affected person despite the fixation being unreal. A good example is schizophrenia.
Eating disorders:  the person experiences extreme emotions, concerns and behavior when it comes to food or weight. Eg, anorexia and bulimia.

Impulse control and addiction disorders: the person is unable to control/resist urges that could result in harm to them. Eg kleptomania (stealing) and compulsive gambling.

Personality disorders: they involve extreme personal traits that make it difficult to blend in social settings mostly because the persons thinking or behavior is very different. Eg, paranoid personality disorder.

OCD and PTSD: OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) causes fear and disturbing thoughts that cause a person to perform certain rituals or routines as a way to cope. For instance, fear of germs which make a person to keep washing and disinfecting their hands. PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is mostly common in people who have gone though a terrifying event or trauma. For instance, sexual abuse. It has been noted to affect soldiers who have been in war.

   (there are more disorders, you can get information on the net)

The main point to this article is to be informative. Disorders are very much present in Afrika and should not be ignored or termed as a person’s personality. They are treated through therapy, medication and other forms. Take a moment to ponder that then, make sure to spread the information so that help can reach more people. And like I said not every weird, unexplained behavior is a disorder.


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