#I’m the man.. 

What does it really mean to be the man …?

Many women will say that it’s their immediate partners who are the men but are they…?

When you work hard, stay focused on your business, always arriving to be nothing less other than the best, stand by your morals and be as disciplined as that’s how you are wired from the beginning , standing firm on your ground and ensuring that the world doesn’t sway you about to its misdeeds, learn to work with others as you know that community togetherness leads to community development , take care of your family even when you got nothing and ensuring that they are always happy and smiling as its comforting to you, deal with your shit as an individual and not airing all out to the world expecting sympathy , enquire about your family’s progress for you care and love them, when you show ultimate respect to every man irregardless of their stature or status, and when you believe and act accordingly to the ways of the Almighty…then you are the man.

#I’m the man 


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