Everything Happens For A Reason…

I have not been on this earth for that long, not long enough anyway but i have learned a few things. In life there is a variation of occurrences/experiences that everyone faces, it’s either good or bad. Some we can control, some are beyond our control. In most scenarios the decisions we make lead to particular consequences that impact our lives either positively or negatively. I want to address the negative, the bad which happens to us regardless of the cause.

Many a times we are faced with unforeseen obstacles, things do not go according to plan, we fail and most common we make mistakes.These are all part of life, unfortunately, but i do think they can either build us slow by slow or bring us down. It all depends on how you decide to take it. I have come to believe that everything happens for a reason. you ever had that saying “When one door closes another one opens”. Even if you don’t believe that saying , don’t you think when you make a mistake it gives you a sort of opportunity to learn and never repeat it. it somehow becomes a reference point for the future.

The reason i believe everything happens for a reason is simple; think about it, most times when you’ve not gotten what you want, a bad occurrence happened or you made a blunder something good came out of it. It doesn’t matter how small. I have made this realization from my own experiences. So every single time something negative happens i stay strong, i do what i need to do to resolve it so i can get past it keeping in mind it most probably happened for a reason. I am not saying this to be used as an excuse, I’m simply stating this to help you stay positive the next time you are stressed out. You still think i don’t know what I’m saying, that’s okay i believe enough for you and me. Next time something bad happens try to remember that.

PS: I have steered from our main topic focus (Afrika) but I feel i needed to write this to encourage someone.


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