It’s More Than Possible

I like to think, a lot. I’m a big fan of getting away from everything, finding a quiet spot to be alone and just think. I’ll admit it sometimes leads to overthinking which is not always a good thing but it did lead me to something. So today, i ask the question; is it possible to love someone to such an extreme? I mean to unconditionally give them your heart and love them with all of you(yes i see what i did there:) ). Is it possible to love someone such that to be without them would be too painful, too devastating, too consuming?


What do you think? I think yes. I say this as someone who has unfortunately experienced hurt on different levels, i think it is possible. When you get hurt the first thing is the grief which results to bitterness among other things then you close yourself off. You make a promise to yourself that you will not let yourself get hurt again. Most times you give up on love. I was in that self-world (if i may say so) just thinking when i realized something that first shocked and shook me. It is possible to love someone to an overwhelming degree. I’m not talking about a lover, boyfriend or girlfriend, no. I have a small circle of friends who despite my safeguards and barriers managed to bring me out of my cocoon of anti-love. I realized that i love these friends so much if they were not to be with me it would utterly destroy me.


It is possible to love more than one person unconditionally. These are the people who make me smile by myself. The same people who pull me up when I’m down, give me most of my good days and knock some sense into me when i need it. They are the same people i need to tell i love them every chance i get. I find that it is not enough to just believe your loved ones know you love them, more often than not they need to hear it.


This continent has come from times when love was not embraced much and ‘reason’ was put before. However, we’ve evolved and i like to think that giving love a chance is worth it. I am lucky to have these people who get me, feel me and accept me flaws and all. I may not have ‘the one’ but i have ‘these ones’. Don’t you dare give up on love, however it comes or whenever. If you don’t believe me, smile when it comes because you’ll remember me and remember i told you so.



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