Today i was going to work when a billboard caught my eye. It talked about a Trade fair at Kenyatta International Convention Centre where businessmen will get opportunities to partner with chinese investors.This got me thinking and i drifted from the topic to something else.
Afrika is made of many countries, some very different from others but there is  something we have in common… We know how to dust ourselves off after a fall and rise again. We just dont crack.
I will give an example of a country that makes me proud. Rwanda experienced a genocide that vastly devastated the country and the continent at large. Rwanda’s peace was restored and years down the line the country is coming up fast. In terms of development, economy and rebuilding they are catching up and rising above many.
Majority of Afrika fought for independence many years ago and the countries have put themselves on the development radar through the work of the people. Most countries have gone through experiences that shake them for instance; Egypt, Libya, Sudan and Kenya just to mention a few. However, these experiences build us, bring us together and make us strive for better. I am happy to say… Afrika don’t crack!!


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