It’s About Time!


I was walking around the city the other day and i noticed something that warmed my heart. I decided to keep looking as i left the city and headed home. I could not help but smile at what i saw. A while back a lot of people would often be seen idling in the streets but im happy to say this has highly reduced. This is what i noticed. Small businesses all around as people endeavor to earn an honest living.


No matter how small, these businesses combined form the backbone of our economy. I admit Afrika has fallen a bit behind in economy and development. However, we are definately headed in the right direction. Unemployment has been and continues to be a major issue in Africa. Im happy to say that people’s mentality is changing and instead of waiting for jobs they are creating jobs themselves.
I believe there is always a business venture and opportunity that has not been taken advantage of, yet. It is possible to come up with an idea that goes a long way to earn income. All that is needed is a little thought into the matter and research where necessary. Keeping in mind even the big business enterprises were once just an idea and grew from something small. This way everyone will make a contribution towards development of not only our countries but this beautiful motherland in general. Gone are the days when hunting and gathering were our way of life. The world is moving forward, has been for a while, and so is Afrika!


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