The New Guy

Craning necks..  
      … Curiosity
                 … Expectations


A beautiful beginning to a great journey. The real taste of life. They say ‘reality hitting you hard’. Internship season and God;  ain’t I loving the whole experience so far. In this modern world things, the digital world takes over and human interaction is limited and timely. Constant enquiries are termed as nagging traits. Being around your guide or mentor every single minute is like invading his privacy. Google becomes your best friend. Self_ determination and hard work become your sole virtues. They will get you through the three to four months.
You look confused😰,an introvert😱, anti-social😟 but can they blame you? Its what society; THEY have pushed you to become.😒
How I wish apprenticeship  was still running deep in our black blood. The spirit of togetherness,where helping someone was a humbling opportunity. An honor actually since you will see your student grow. Giving your student your all. Few still honor this but most of us, want to be viewed as the Steve Jobs. Be true to yourself people. Such small actions are what makes us US!!..





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