It Costs Nothing


What does it cost you to respect another human being? Nothing. What does it cost you to be nice to somebody else? Nothing. We can save ourselves a lot of trouble by just being respectful and nice. Age is not a factor when it comes to these two significant issues. If there is one thing Angiee and i agree on it’s that respect is ultimately necessary among people. A common saying goes ‘do unto people what you would like done unto you’. This simply translates to treat other people the same way you want them to treat you. It pains me to say this but it is something we have noted. Simple values like respect, selflessness and kindness among people have deteriorated in our society. People are too busy going on with their lives to bother with core values in society. Why be rude? Why treat others like trash? Why cause someone grief by being arrogant?
Afrika is a continent of diversified cultures but if History teaches us one thing it’s that they all agreed on the following: Husbands protected their wives and children, wives respected their husbands and children obeyed their parents. Boys and girls were taught to respect each other and show kindness to live in harmony. The young respected their elders and elders instructed the young on the right ways of life and offered advice freely to help in society’s growth. Breaking it all down we can pinpoint respect, kindness and selflessness.
Since our ancestors observed these key values why dont we follow in their steps. It doesnt cost anything to help out a child or a lady in trouble. I cannot give all the scenarios that may require one to exercise core values in society but i’m sure we are capable of identifying them ourselves. Let us not be too involved in our lives that we forget society is built by people. It simply costs nothing. Besides what goes around, comes around!


11 thoughts on “It Costs Nothing

  1. Right! I totally agree, athough within a marriage in my opinion the respect and protection should be mutual. When people would be more kind, more polite to each other, the world would become a so much better place to live. Smile at a child or that old lady, greet them. It costs nothing to say thanks or to wish a customer a good day or to thank the waiter for bringing a dish. So also in professional life people can improve so much… It costs nothing but it will bring you so much…


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