Whats your motivation…?

Now I know maybe some of you are already singing ‘pretty hurts’ by B but I didn’t say aspiration :mrgreen:

What drives you?


There are a lot of things that qualify as answers to that question; the list is endless. My motivation comes from my environment, cliche I know but it is what it is. You ever just gone through your gallery one day when there’s a blackout or read through your quick memo notes that is your diary and you just get what to write about like I’m doing right now? haha..yeah, you see basically I’m killing my boredom.
I can go on and on about my drive but my phone is at 23% and it’s just 9:30am so don’t know how long this blackout roller Costa is going to last considering I gotta share this link too which uses data meaning less battery life…😥

So…Imma let you tell me your drive..:D


State your drive in your comments


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