Life is all about choices..every step that you take in life is made after a choice.


   In certain fields like businesses and school, the choice seems easier than when it comes to love. Love is a field that up to now; I don’t think anyone finds it easy to understand.
   They say love is a chemical reaction bla bla bla… mans nature to be attracted to the opposite sex…I don’t have my own definition of it but all I know is that Im glad I can love.
    ‘Relationships are complicated’
It takes a brave heart to submit themselves to vulnerability not knowing what tomorrow holds. Forget tomorrow, what the next second holds. Every single minute a thought crosses your mind…😱
  I’m I doing the right thing? I’m I enough, the whole package? Will this satisfy him?I’m I a man,a true gentleman for her? What do her friends think about me? What is out there in the public about us? Will this change us? Will our love ever change and the fire dies out? ……Will I?…I’m I?… 


   A fight breaks you be all ‘reality tv’ based..the kind that eats, drinks,reads,talks,and fights out of mimic from the women you see from ‘love and hip hop’, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ or will you learn about your man and fight according to your level.. your reality. ..choices😷
    That special time is coming!  The gifts,the treats,the effect that you want MUST be achieved as you wondering.. will it be enough? Listening to your boys,asking from her friends, workmates,siblings…not always the right approach but always come in handy..What to do…mmmh.. choices!!!
   That time: is she the one..I’m I ready to start a family with him? Is he worth it..spoiling my figure, sacrificing my career,abandoning my priorities all in the name of family.. I’m I ready..choices!!💆
   Feeling the boredom slowly creeping in..what will you do to bring that fire back? That’s when date nights come in,weekend outings become a regular, friends are more involved because they are the neutral party,forgiveness becomes your daily bread..the relationship is already hanging by a thread so wrongs are ignored in the name of trying to live by the right that has always been done..what to do:..choices!! 
   I can go on and on about the Love Chronicles, make this a therapy session but I myself ain’t perfect.. dilemmas are my best friends  hahah..😯
   All I can say is that never aim so high for things that even you yourself know are impossible to come by or to be seen in your relationship but yet again don’t stoop so low that you feel unsatisfied; never compare your love with others cause people are different but yet again accept challenges from other relationships as it will push your relationship to another level..moving forward;) Listen and be keen to that gossip and rumor that is going around about them and act upon never know, you might be getting played or you just over thinking.
    Love and appreciate someone for who they are no matter how many times they tend to disappoint you because you know them better than anyone else does..even their parents. Be patient, patient and more patient.. it will come to pay..😘
   I’m young and that’s all I know about love right now..sure my audience got more advice and difficult situations that cannot bring them to just forgive and be patient but somewhere in my chronicle, you know I’m right! 


Last piece of advise,be true, kind,loving and selfish with yourself.. don’t only do things that are right and what they expect from you in the name of love but always strive to achieve what is right to you…in short.. never settle for less but yet again never give up on a future.

This is Africa..💬

22 thoughts on “CHOICES

  1. choices…I gave up tryna hang on..I got tired of ever making them…I totally relate baby girl…I loooove😍😍😍

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  2. The best part about reading this whole column was that I had one person in my mind the whole time. Thanks Angie for the lovely piece 😍


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