Monday morning💬…
  Where to begin..I don’t know..maybe from the fact that I’m torn.
Monday blues..Monday..

  I write in italics not because of how beautiful it looks but is how I stand emotionally..mixed feelings

   Awoke to the nerve-wrecking morning chills that automatically made me all active for the day. ‘Its going to be an amazing day’..I thought but little did I know it would turn out to be another date with a meaning..😰😥

  ‘Woi Ghai😱’ is what mum screamt.


He was no more…gone to the after be with the many that I’ve lost. This pain I had long forgotten..this pain that is never easy to bare..this pain that is felt by millions but understood by a few.. Aaargghh…they come and go…but always remembered.. strangers at first,friends we became,a mother you made me…noisy,stubborn.😜.your specialty.😂😍..will live to miss the comfort you did provide..always..😭


.. I do have to recollect myself and focus all my love to this one that is full of life..I don’t know whether it knows that his brother is gone but I’m positive it knows something is not all right.


Many would term this as stupid and an over reaction..maybe even get less views but it is what it is…it’s how March 28th is to my date with a meaning!!!!
#To Grey😪…RIP BABY💞💞😇


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