Words In A Smile
A smile is worth a thousand words,
Every picture tells a story…they say..
N I’m a believer.!20151127_191905.jpg

Every smile has it’s own caption😉,it’s own emotion😘😃😅😜,…it’s motivation💬.img-20140131-wa0002.jpg

This is mine😀!

     My smile is not rare but not always real. Those who know me and I mean know me, know when I’m faking it and when it has just the right amount of motivation in it..some seasoning.


1458740124573.jpg  A smile a day..sure as death keeps the doctor away from the family I’m from..it’s the loudest family in the block😃😅fun loving bunch of individuals🎊🎤🎼🍷🎊but the most important of them all…United no matter what💞…we do have our moments that we never take for granted.#God bless

My rock…wp-1458741432211.jpeg         I’m all smiles right now because of him…he is not as tough as he looks😏he is such a cartoon😜..a strong,God fearing..,loving,responsible,and caring man I’ve ever met..well other than my dad..👥he loves me for who I am and what I choose to stand by and u bet I do the same for him because he is….exactly..no words come close to describe what he is to me😇.

My girlfriends..family

         20151127_193635.jpg        Eight years and still counting..hell I said my ‘ I do ‘s ‘ 💍a long time ago. They are unique from the normal crowd✔💯, n no we are not just like any other girl group.💁.we are sisters who co exist to help the other individual grow..making sure that no one gets left behind💰..the miss independents.😎👌Yes we do have our moments where we do differ on a lot like what to take to corrupt our minds🍻esp the 💸part..😂 but who doesn’t…

The couple…


   These two..not me🙌 😅but the photographer and the lady in green!👆 Gotta say I’ve found my best couple in my marriage..💑relax..figure of speech🍷

Never seen or imagined that love did exist in such levels..it’s insane how they are two individuals but when together they are one..who I’m I kidding..they do every thing together..and I mean EVERY THING!..seeing is believing people.. #word

My babies…


Goldie and Grey..not many believe that you know your names,potty,and modern pet mannerisms..they term you as little ‘jinis’👿😈..They don’t know..🎤🎼Three years old, born on July 14th..my babies..Mwah

Now you know who makes me tickle..


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