And we declare today a poetry day. . So far it’s been a bit dark but i feel that pain defines us.


You need to cry.. You have to cry.. You’ve got to cry..

You need to cry because you’re hurting. You need to cry because your heart was given back stamped upon.                              You need to cry because your hoping was in vain.

You need to cry because that’s the only way you’ll let go and move on.                      You need to cry so you won’t shatter.        You need to cry to release all that pent up anger and rage.

So it doesn’t kill you. So you don’t crumble

You need to cry so you’ll be okay.                  You’re strong,  you can handle anything but you need to cry.

Its okay.

Sometimes.. You just need to cry.

C/o Khalee Blakat



#Kitenge back again (there’s a good reason)!!

Guys im so excited. Do you remember the Kitenge Back piece (if not it’s just a couple of posts back). Im proud to announce that i was successful. 

I still have a bit of material left but i already made something awesome. So i took the kitenge apart to see how much material i was working with. I was just sitting there trying to think of something when i noticed the puffy shoulders could become something.

So i developed the idea,  cut up straps from an old light trouser and you’d never guess what i was able to make.

A Kitenge Bikini!!!

Yep.. I figured the material was light enough. It looks so good i could cry. I haven’t used the rest of the material but when i do, you bet i will post it here.

So try it.. You never know. And if you like how it looks just tell us. I don’t mind turning this new found passion into a small business. I will make you one or make one for someone dear (fellas).

As always we love that you take time to stop by. We have come quite a mile and seeing our baby grow up steadily is trully rewarding.



#kitenge back

#Show Me!!!

Sometime back I heard some words that have stuck with me. Who taught you to hate the colour of your skin? Who taught you to hate your Afrikan features? The wide nose, the full lips and round eyes. Who taught you to hate your curly, kinky Afrikan hair. Who? Show me.

We have forgotten who we are. Our ancestors would cast their gazes away from us. We have forsaken our roots
For we are black and black is beautiful. Black is resilient, black is strong,  black has a backbone, black is proud of heritage, black is flawless, black is Afrikan and we are Afrikan. So black is us. We should not feel shame,  we dare not try to hide, try to change for we are black.

Pardon my language here but people been fucking with black people for a long time. I’m not saying this to start some shit but to make you understand what a gem you are. No matter our suffering we somehow come out much stronger each single time.

We created this blog not just about Afrika but Afrikans themselves. We hope to impact peoples’ lives. Show them that we are bold and beautiful. That Afrika, Afrikans and Black is good. I couldn’t be prouder.

That dark skin allows you to walk in sunlight no protection needed. You could stay out all day and you’re still good. Those Afrikan features are beautiful, they are unique,  they make us different(we just look like us). That hair, you can wear it kinky, straight, curly however you like. In my books that’s spetacular,  which means you are spectacular.
And since you can’t show me who taught you, recognize you are special. So stop it, embrace it. Black is courageous.



More poetry..

             The One That Got Away…

I watched as you walked away with that swagger in yo step I adored. My heart shattered,  an absurd pain in my chest. I lifted my hand towards you, opened my mouth to call you back but I lost my voice.

My hand dropped to my side, tears filled my eyes. My throat hurt from trying not to cry and breakdown like a child. Fists curled, eyes stinging, mouth dry from the effort.

Been so close but now so far, held you in my arms yet you slipped right through my fingers. So close to touching your heart though I missed by an inch.

Your disappointing me evolving. Once,  twice and apparently three’s a charm cause you charmed  your way out of that one. The ability to say the right words a talent. Like a scultor moulds clay you could string entire sentences together.

Many a time I stretched myself to try and make it work. I guess I had to move on. But moving on is very different from letting go. See, I told myself I moved on but how you occupied my mind infrequently. 

Be friends you said. More your choice than mine, it killed me.

As I watched you sashay away it hit me, like a rock it hit me. I had to let go. And as I turned and walked in the other direction, with every step I pretended you left my heart.

No,  you were no longer the one that got away but the one that was never worth of me.


Khalee Blakat.


#Does He?

Today the decision is to post poetry.. We will have something figured out soon if you want us to post your stuff..

             Does He??

I bet he doesn’t know you cry yourself to sleep most nights, I bet he doesn’t know he occupy’s your mind every single minute of every day, I bet he doesn’t know when you spot a cute couple you picture the same for you both, I bet, he has no idea you know every detail about him,  you can’t help it. 

How his eyes light up when he speaks of something he’s passionate about,  how his dimples form slowly at the base of his cheeks when he smiles,  how his nose flares when he laughs and how his brow lifts when he’s amused.

I bet he doesn’t know your heart jumps and races when you see him, Your day brightens just by the mention of his name, You smile foolishly to yourself when you go through moments you spent together in your head.
I bet he’s not aware of the pain you have pent up because though you try to convince yourself there is a future for you both your mind doesn’t see it, deep down you doubt.

Of your wondering and anxiety about your place in his life,  of your worrying that sooner rather than later he will be bored of you,  I bet he doesn’t know that you are afraid to lose whatever thing you have going on, I bet he doesn’t know you yarn for the day he’ll carress your face, kiss your forehead and fold you into his arms but this time.

This time the gestures will hold deeper meaning. I bet. I bet he doesn’t know you love him.

Does he?


Khalee Blakat.

# Puffy Eyes😥

Cold weather has its advantages;  sleeping mood,  snuggling and cuddling,  love making, that hot chocolate Netflix and chill vibe… 

But it has it’s disadvantages too…Puffy eyes

We get puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes every single time we do not have enough rest, undergoing stress or  allergies but it worsens and becomes regular when its cold. 

The long term effect of tolerating the dark circles around the eyes is that it causes wrinkles around the eyes:'( which catalyses premature aging 

We have to take care of this!  Both to the gents and we ladies.So.. 

To treat this,  


1) Take a pinch of black pepper powder. 

2) Take one teaspoon of coffee

3) Take a 1/4 teaspoon of coconut oil

4) Take water

5) Make a paste of the ingredients 

6) Apply the paste gently under your eyes and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. 

7) Rinse it off with lukewarm water and gently apply moisturizer 

P’s: if u don’t have time to make the paste,  in the morning as you are taking your coffee,  dip your finger tips in the beverage and apply the liquid under your eyes,  let it sit for the same 10-15 minutes

Then rinse or wipe it off gently😌

Whooaaa!!!  Hahah

Make sure u try it out… 

Love u fam.. Thanks for the continued support and feedback😚😚😚😚


The lent period was a time for all the Christians to sit back,  block all distractions of the world and focus on getting in touch with their spiritual selves. 

One was to humble themselves,  fast,  give back to society and most of all pray. During this Easter celebration,  you should aim at walking in Jesus’ shoes,  so as to understand the pain that he went through to because of our sins just to save us all from destruction. 

It can be literal or not.  Yesterday, as a Catholic,  we performed the way of the cross to signify the journey our Lord took before his crucifixion. We should all be deep in prayer as we await his ressurection. 

His resurrection will signify a new beginning; to offer forgiveness,  spread happiness and love to all around us. A second chance,  a chance to let go of all our troubles and worries. Let’s all prepare our hearts and souls to rejoice and celebrate the rising of our Christ. 

Happy Easter Holidays Family 💞💕