#Planning of Goals

We all have goals but how have we structured them into our daily routines? First and foremost, you need to; Structure your plan.Separate your goals into three categories i.e. •Quarterly goals •Monthly goals •Yearly goals While planning, do the following: √Formulate your Tasks in an Easy Way Categorize them according to ease and simplicity of … More #Planning of Goals


Networking is the norm of the day. “money” is the new talk of town. People are very busy on the internet trying to make something happen. With the essay writing jobs coming to an end, I wonder where most of us will land. I understand clearly where the UK universities are coming from but we … More #TODAY’S SERIES


What truly defines you? Just like a meal has ingredients, recipes and methods of making it, we as humans have one’s characteristics and personality. There are a number of personalities out there but these four; melancholic, phlegmatic, chronemics and sanguine define most of us. Each personality has its advantages and disadvantages. The melancholic: ADVANTAGES √Know … More #PERSONALITY👓…


The smoothie can be termed as a ‘pick me up’ especially during this unpredictable weather. Your taste buds will be whisked away by the unlimited sweetness and a strong twist of mint. It is the perfect hydrating drink when you’re either under the scorching sun or the gloomy rain.Pineapples are all season fruits, and mint … More #PINEAPPLE_MINT 🍸


Farming, gardening same difference to me. We are all destined for greatness we just need to tap it. I fell in love with farming back when I found out that my pal Faith owned a greenhouse. That just got my heart beating. I remember telling mum to let me rent our farm in the rural … More #Digit

#Red Carpet🔥

I have been on a roll of late and I thank God for this. Ive been pushing myself; getting out of my comfort zone and practicing a lot of self- discipline. I’m a vlogger now and its something I’ve been postponing but No More!!😀😀 Filming is fun and it has it’s benefits in disguise. I … More #Red Carpet🔥