#Red Carpet🔥

I have been on a roll of late and I thank God for this. Ive been pushing myself; getting out of my comfort zone and practicing a lot of self- discipline. I’m a vlogger now and its something I’ve been postponing but No More!!😀😀 Filming is fun and it has it’s benefits in disguise. I … More #Red Carpet🔥


Ive not forgotten you my love. 💗 You are my greatest achievement hence you are gold. 💢 My heart beats for you, it adores you.💐 The others are simple and influential, but you are informative and exponential. My 💘!My love!…. Ps://…I can sing too. Trying out for a challenge. #vksafarichallenge Ill be back soon.


       I zone out,   And my mind goes out and about.      I reminisce why, But that just ends with a deep cry.     A prayer book always by my side, “mourning and weeping in this vale of tears”_a line in disguise.        A hug of comfort, From a … More #Conscious

#uh! When it’s your day😋

Shout out to all the ladies in the house its Angiee tales here😎 “Happy International Women’s Day”  …🔆To all of us:👑Queens👑 with a lot of love of course💖 And let us remember what Khloe Kardashian told us.. “Let us not go around knocking each other’s crown down instead; have others back”..Thanks Koko

#First strike

SHOCK! she took in deep breathes to calm herself down feeling the rush of ants on her cheeks. What had just happened?_ all because she raised her voice during a confrontation while in public!?! Deep in her thoughts, she was speaking her mind out… “All I did was ask for what was rightfully mine just … More #First strike


It comes in many forms. Self-discipline, occupational discipline, social discipline and spiritual discipline. Im sure you all understand self-discipline. Following your own principles strictly. The goals that you have set for yourself in life. Social discipline is how you carry yourself when in the presence of others while spiritual discipline revolves around the laws in … More #Discipline