​Hello my Afrikan lions and lionesses. Quoting someone who loved Afrika with everything he had ‘be iron, like a lion, in Zion’. Mostly though, he called for the unification of all Afrikans. 

On that semi-inspiration note let’s get to today’s agenda, Afrika inspired clothes. Forget Afrikan print for a second, who remembers kitenges? Huh? Our mothers used to rock them back in the day. With their puffy shoulders, extravagant lengths, out of this world designs.

 They were a big thing.
When I was a kid I admired my mom but told myself I would never wear one. They were good but I felt the design was limited to ‘umama’ (mothers). I considered their style too last generation. Now I can say I’ve swallowed my words because I found an option.  I’m in the process of turning one of my mother’s kitenge into something I can wear. 

I realize people go for different things but I assure you, you will find something that works for you. Go forth and rummage in closets or buy the material.

 It’s not that different from print. Modernizing the styles will be easy cause as always, I got you (the pictures will help).

 As always we appreciate the stop, good day my beautiful people.


‘​Adding pop🙉 to…’ That was the title but I lacked an ending so went with.. Colours🙌. Normally, I prefer the conventional black, grey,dark blue and a little white and maybe some green.

Today,  I have a neon pink Jersey,added some long tie-dye pink white long socks to my blue girly shorts and bluish blown with dull cream Checked shirt to reduce the neon pink shout. 

Its a mighty cute outfit. My point from all the blubberring above is colors. Try shoutier colors(i’m i allowed to say that??hmm). Blue can go so well with green,red and pink too.

Its gonna look mighty fine I promise. 

Look into your inner fashion guru and try it out because it’s sunny, all colorful and beautiful outside.. Before the rains begin😈👿

Men… I’ve not forgotten you this time..

Why  #FUTURE HENDRIX?  because I think he is the most influential, sexiest, best dressed rapper in the game..and he should influence your wardrobe gentlemen. 


Honestly guys I thought of a fashion post and this was the first thing that came to mind and it’s from my heart.


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I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day but I’m a FAN of love 😚😚😚 

Most of you go out, dinner dates, exchange of expensive gifts,… always that grand gesture:It’s great but  I’m not into that. 

I’m very simple.. Simplicity is beautiful to me. When I love you, you know I love you not by the big things but from the heart to heart thoughtful actions. 

So far I have had four Valentine celebrations with my partner and they are just the best. He is my ride and die.😙

I won’t tell you what we do(I’m very private)  but I’ll tell you three things you should try out.. 

*Make a handy gift. If he or she appreciates laughter, add some humor to it. The gift automatically becomes dear to the heart. 

I still have cards and paper messages that I received since 2008.In as much as people call them out as outdated, I love cards. They are long lasting and everything about them scream emotions depending on the message. 

*Make dinner.  Hahah I’d totally eat that heart dog😂.

*Picnics. I can’t even begin to explain how much I love picnics. So much free space to do and say anything. I call it my perfect setting. 

That’s all from me. Any other extra thing you do on this beautiful day,add something special to it. Make her sparkle and smile and make him feel appreciated and special too. 

HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE.. From angieecapp tales 💕    

#Polycap seals

Junk foods are widely eaten and not many of us finish that bag of chips or a packet of those creamed oreos. So we just fold the top and store till the next time you are in need of them.

Well aren’t you tired of your junk foods becoming all soggy and tasteless after being exposed to air? 

I have just the perfect solution to that. Let me introduce you to polycap seals.

That one packet has 30 pieces.  

*they are easy to use and long lasting 

*they add ambiance to your kitchen decor, keeping it all classy

*they prevent food from being all soggy and tasteless because they seal the bag tightly

*plus you can seal just about anything even left over foods and store in the fridge. 

The best part about it all is that it’s very cheap.  I’m selling them for just sh. 1500 only. 

Its a month of love and embracing change. Men and ladies, this should be part of the Valentine’s gift to your lady, she will be so grateful for pimping her kitchen and you will also benefit from it too.. A win-win gift. 

Contact: 0711641547  

Email: angieehinga@gmail.Com 

Delivery strictly around Nairobi CBD Area, Kenya.  No shipment services. 


Oooouuhhh!!😜😜😜 hahaha.. 

With the diet I’m on, I have to eat healthy things, in small amounts/portions that would fool me I’m full. .

So… Here is my yoghurt fruitie🙌🙌


*yoghurt(natural yoghurt+strawberry flavor+blackcurrant flavor) 

*passion fruits

(addition of strawberry and blackcurrant flavor is just for color and taste…)


-take a clean glass tumbler

-add some natural yoghurt to settle at the bottom of the glass

-add the strawberry yoghurt  to make the second layer

-add the blackcurrant yoghurt to make the third layer

-Go back to the natural yoghurt, then strawberry and blackcurrant…you get it. 

-At the top, squeeze the passion fruit and bahm!!… 

Food presentation is key.  It stirs up ones appetite. 

-Take it when chill. 
You can take that with a spoon or just suck it up with a straw. It is delicious👅.

Welcome to my lunch! 

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​You know what I go for when it comes to fashion, my style if you may… anything wearable with a sexy edge. I know, I know the fashion magazines will frown at the ‘anything wearable’ part but I kid you not it work😎.

 You’d be surprised how great a plain shirt will look by leaving the first three to four buttons open, tying it into a knot at the bottom and folding the sleeves a little. 

 The sexy part is what varies a little, on the more some days and a little on the less on other days.

 It depends with where I’m going, how I’m feeling and what is still in the wardrobe. 

Not everyone will go for the …. With a sexy edge look and that’s okay. 

Since my fashion senses were awoken I have learned four things.

*Wear what you are comfortable with.

*Just because it looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it will on you.

*Experimenting is good, but do some research too.

*Give your look more than two glimpses in the mirror…. Girrrrl! (I pretty much app photos to my friends asking for opinions when I’m not sure with the man in the mirror-see what I did there)

Most important of the four, make sure you are comfortable💆.

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#Post Work-Out

What should you eat after a work out?:(:(

After an aggressive work out, we tend to have high appetite and this is because our satiety hormones- ones that increase our appetite,  want to replace the energy lost from the burned fats.

One can burn out 400 pounds in three hours and gain it back in a second😱 from the food that we decide to take after the work out. 

Ha:D yeah! 

The following are the right foods to take:

* apples and peanut butter

*cheese and crackers 

*natural yoghurt with a mix of grapes and blueberries/raspberries and mint leaves

*vegetable omelette 

*peanut butter with banana toast(brown bread )

*avocado toast(brown bread) 

*fruit smoothie / protein shakes

*whole grain cereal with skim milk

*fruit salad( watermelon, pineapples, apples, lemon, grapefruits blueberries,raspberries,kiwi,avocado)

*vegetable salad(lettuce,cucumber,white onion,carrots,beets,tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower,  celery, asparagus, mushrooms, kales and cabbages) 

*an energy bar.  

The above foods are highly recommended because they are low on cholestrol levels and are easily digested with your body. 

Now you know!!..😜

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