The smoothie can be termed as a ‘pick me up’ especially during this unpredictable weather. Your taste buds will be whisked away by the unlimited sweetness and a strong twist of mint. It is the perfect hydrating drink when you’re either under the scorching sun or the gloomy rain.Pineapples are all season fruits, and mint … More #PINEAPPLE_MINT 🍸


Farming, gardening same difference to me. We are all destined for greatness we just need to tap it. I fell in love with farming back when I found out that my pal Faith owned a greenhouse. That just got my heart beating. I remember telling mum to let me rent our farm in the rural … More #Digit

#Red Carpet🔥

I have been on a roll of late and I thank God for this. Ive been pushing myself; getting out of my comfort zone and practicing a lot of self- discipline. I’m a vlogger now and its something I’ve been postponing but No More!!😀😀 Filming is fun and it has it’s benefits in disguise. I … More #Red Carpet🔥


Ive not forgotten you my love. 💗 You are my greatest achievement hence you are gold. 💢 My heart beats for you, it adores you.💐 The others are simple and influential, but you are informative and exponential. My 💘!My love!…. Ps://…I can sing too. Trying out for a challenge. #vksafarichallenge Ill be back soon.


       I zone out,   And my mind goes out and about.      I reminisce why, But that just ends with a deep cry.     A prayer book always by my side, “mourning and weeping in this vale of tears”_a line in disguise.        A hug of comfort, From a … More #Conscious

#uh! When it’s your day😋

Shout out to all the ladies in the house its Angiee tales here😎 “Happy International Women’s Day”  …🔆To all of us:👑Queens👑 with a lot of love of course💖 And let us remember what Khloe Kardashian told us.. “Let us not go around knocking each other’s crown down instead; have others back”..Thanks Koko